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Our all-in-one growth partnership & digital marketing package is designed to deliver BIG outcomes for your business:

  • Skyrocket Your Sales with Expert Social Media Management – Increase Your Sales by 110% or More!
  • Boost Your Online Presence with a High-Performance Website – Get a Stunning Website with More Engagement & 50% Faster Loading Times!
  • Dominate Your Market with Powerful Branding and Marketing Solutions & Gain 1000+ New Followers and 300% More Website Traffic!
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What’s Included:

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We offer a complete Growth Partner’s experience, from strategy and planning to execution and reporting. We’ll work with you to understand your business goals and objectives, and then craft a strategies & advertising campaign that’s designed to achieve them.
Discover more ways & strategise your brand or business that can help you scale fast in the next stage.

Also Included:

Here’s All The Actionable Value You’re Getting
1- Growth for your business, branding & marketing to get the best AI-enabled and digital solutions to increase your team’s productivity 10x.
2- Analysis and assist branding & marketing with logo, websites, SEO, social media, and marketing strategy.
3- Looking into social selling and trending Social media content or brand guide, etc.

Yes We Are Offering This Insane Value:

(This Won’t Last Long, Limited Spots)
– Upgrading and managing logos, website, social media management or content creation
– Minimum 2 Social Media Posts Designs + Autopilot posting system.
– FB, Insta or Google Ads
– Identify a business strategy & high-level implementation plan
– Business Coaching for Clarity, Confidence, Focus, or Productivity
– Brainstorm ideas & 10x your Productivity
– Get access to our AI-enabled strategies
– Troubleshoot a Tech issue
– Get unstuck if you are having difficulty making a business decision

We have helped over 100s+ business owners, startups & Industry leaders and now we can help you…

Let’s get you across the hurdles to where you want to be this year. We offer cost-effective and efficient solutions for your business needs

About Me:

I’d like to introduce myself and tell you about how all this came to be.

My name’s Khurram Khan…

You probably haven’t heard that name before. That’s by design. My life’s pretty awesome… I’ve been working with National & International Clients, Brands, Businesses and Startups for decades now

I run a multi-award-winning Marketing Agency called Phonetronics that helps founders, CEOs, CMOS & brands to launch, pitch ready, grow and scale with the latest trends, branding & content creation.

I Put the Entire Systems With the Latest AI & Technology Integrations And You Can Find Out How We Can Help You Implement Our Strategies In Just Moments From Now…
We Setup Automation That Does All That For Us (On Auto-Pilot)…

My skills include creating engaging content, developing brand strategies, and working closely with clients to achieve their goals. I am passionate about helping businesses succeed and enjoy working with others who share my values.

For more please check out my Linkedin profile


Until then, to your success…

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