Twitter Shares New Data on Latest Conversation Trends Around COVID-19 [Infographic]

With the COVID-19 pandemic dragging on into another month, Twitter has this week published some new insights into how people in different regions are reacting to the latest news about the outbreak, and where their attentions are shifting as they look forward to the next stage.

Of course, that next stage is still uncertain – some regions are reopening, with limited consequences, while others are still battling the worst of the virus. That variation is evident in the different data points, with Twitter sharing some specific notes on responses based on local impact.

It remains difficult – 2020 has been a problematic year in many ways, and there’s still some way to go before we get back to a level of normalcy, but it’s interesting to note the changing focus points in each region, and how that relates to Twitter activity.

You can read Twitter full rundown here, or check out the infographic below.

Twitter conversation data - August 2020

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